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Coolest Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume

This Homemade Light Bulb and Switch Couple Costume was a bright idea for a Halloween couple costume!

One of us was a light bulb and the other was a light switch. The light bulb was made of chicken wire, with tracing paper and adhesive glue. On the outside we put yellow tissue paper. To get the shape of the bulb, we put a huge beach ball inside and used it as the ‘molding’ for the bulb. Inside, Victoria had to carry the light bulb with straps over her shoulders and a fifteen million watts flashlight.

The light switch is made of foam-core. The screws on the outside are paper plates with silver marker down the middle. There is a silver spray-painted switch box for the back and Teya stood in between that and the front. The switch actually works.

For the last three years Teya and Victoria have been coming up with different kinds of fun and creative costumes. This year it was really hard to walk upstairs and just move around in general. But it was lots of fun though.

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  1. I’m running for Northwest District Senior Board for 4H. My slogan is “Make 4H glow, vote Tatiana O.” & I plan to look exactly like Victoria in that light bulb haha.

    So could I have a more detailed explanation of how to do this costume? I can’t find a pre-made one ANYWHERE.


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