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Coolest Homemade Ketchup Costume

Who doesn’t like Ketchup? I was in desperate need of a costume for my freshmen year of high school because ninth graders have the theme of red. This was one of the first costumes I had ever made, but it was really quite simple.

Materials needed:
Laundry hamper
Lots of cardboard
Red long sleeved shirt
White Paper for Label and for top
Face paint

The base of the costume is a laundry hamper, and from the I attached long pieces of cardboard with glue gun. To help hold everything together, I used a red stretchy plastic material, kind of like plastic tablecloth material. Caution: Do not use glue gun with this material because it will burn right thought the thin plastic. I used lots of double sided sticky tape.

The top of the costume is actually open, but since it is so high up, nobody could tell.

On the back of the costume I included nutrition facts, but to jazz them up a bit, I super sized the nutrition facts to about proportional to the costume. Everything was 100 times the amount shown on the real ketchup bottle. Everyone got a kick out of that and I won “most spirited” at my school.

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  1. Oh my gosh! your costume is so amazing! It looks like a professional made it or you bought it at a store. It is so amazing! I am totally going to try what you did and hopefully it will turn out okay. YOU ROCK KETCHUP GIRL!


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