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Hello, my name is Laura, I’m a senior in high school, and I make crazy costumes for my school’s spirit week and for Halloween, and here I am as bush. This is particularly relevant to me because I made a pun out of this costume. My name is Laura, so when anyone asked, I said I was “Laura Bush,” President Bush’s wife.

This costume is best done in the spring when there are lots of green bushes with berries, flowers etc. and when you are doing trimming anyway, as this will require that you cut down quite a bit of foliage.

As you can probably tell, the bottom half of this costume is an old garbage can. All I did was spray paint it, but this is harder than it sounds. Not much sticks to plastic, so make sure to buy plastic spray-paint. Then, I cut out the bottom of the can so that I could stand in it.

To attach the leaves, I used chicken wire from my garage. The trashcan had a rim, so I staple gunned the bottom of the chicken wire to the trashcan. Then I cut down lots of leaves from a bush my family wanted cut anyway. I used twist ties to hold the bush material onto the chicken wire and it worked remarkably well. I made sure to put a little less foliage by my face so that I could see.

It was hilarious to sit down in a corner at my school because everyone just thought I was a real bush and wondered at WHY there was a bush in the school.

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Bush Costume”

  1. Very inspirational, I have to come up with 5 costumes every year (me, wife and 3 kids) and people think I’m crazy but my kids keep coming home with ribbons. I hope to borrow some of your methods…..probably next year.

  2. Great idea Laura! i don’t know if you still check this comment section, but I was wondering what you used to hold it up. Some sort of straps? Thanks! Can’t wait to make this for my 11-year old.


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