Bush Costume

“The bush” is a double meaning costume. Let’s begin with how this concept came about. It started that I wanted to be poison ivy because she has red hair as do I. So I decided I would make it myself because all the poison ivy costumes I saw were too cheesy for my taste.

So I went to Marshals and bought a camisole which is an under garment to suck everything in. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought fake paints that resemble the poison ivy leaves. I pealed off the leaves from the stem and started sewing the leaves onto the camisole, however I found it was a lot easier to hot glue them on.

When I finished I tried on the costume and my boyfriend told me I looked nothing like poison ivy but that I did look like a bush. At this point I was so tired from the sewing, the hot glue, getting burned! And I was going to give up, but I had already put so much work into the costume…

I thought that it would be hilarious to just go out as a bush. I went to Kids-R-Us and bought a toy chain saw that would be my hedge trimmer, and it came with the orange goggles. I wore brown tights that resemble the stem. And the best part … I printed out letters from my computer that spelled out “trim my bush”.

Everyone fell in love with this costume, and had a great laugh with it (except my mom) only two people asked if I was Poison Ivy… But about 100 people loved that my costume was so original and that they were able to use the hedge trimmer to trim my bush!