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Coolest Balloon Lady Costume

This was for villain day at my school. I didn’t just want to be any normal villain, so I came up with my own. I love working with balloons, so I became Balloon Lady.

You can see the frame if you look closely in the picture. Basically, the frame is cardboard and in made of loops that get progressively larger towards the bottom and vertical reinforcement strips.

To attach the balloons, I just used a lot of boxing tape loops and it seemed to stick pretty well.

The hair: To make my hair do that I put a balloon in the center of my head and brought my hair up all around it so that you couldn’t tell that there was a balloon inside (especially after spray painting my hair).

My villain was of course Mr. Pin Head, a figure I made of Styrofoam and wire.

Everyone laughed at my costume and I had a great time with Mr. Pin Head.

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  1. hi I’m anonymous I’m a girl of 11. I go to Lonegrove Intermediate in Oklahoma. I was just fooling around and saw the name ‘balloon lady’ thought I would check it out. Next thing I know I see a lady wrapped in balloons from head to toe. I started to read the stuff you wrote and thought what a great villin! you really WEIRD in the costume but really good for a villin! bye, keep inventing neat costumes! god luck!


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