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Coolest Homemade Balloon Boy Costume

This homemade Balloon Boy costume is a take-off of the Balloon Boy hoax from 2009. It was thought that a six year old boy from Colorado had accidentally taken off in his father’s experimental helium balloon. All the networks covered the incident.

I started with the helium balloon. I put six wire clothes hangers together and fanned them out in a star pattern. I used twist ties to hold them together. I didn’t cut the hangers at all, I only stretched out the top portion where they all met to make the top a bit rounder. I cut another coat hanger in half and attached each to a side of the balloon frame. The other end was fed through the holes in a baseball cap and shaped down the sides of the cap and bent to run along the bottom of it. I put safety pins to hold it along the edge. I hot glued a small butter container over the hooked end of the hangers to form the bottom of the balloon. I then hot glued tin foil over the entire balloon.

The boy’s body was made with 2 clown type balloons twisted together to form an X with the ends being the arms and legs. I borrowed the clothes from my daughters Banana in Pajamas for the boy’s clothes. I printed out sneaker pictures and formed them in the shape of a real sneaker. I finished my homemade Balloon Boy costume by printing out a Colorado Rockies logo and taped it to the baseball cap.

I wore a black shirt so the body stood out more. At the party it took a second for people to figure out what I was but once they did they cracked up.

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