We were trying to come up with ideas for a group costume since we are all plus size we wanted to look cute and a little sexy but still be covered up. We chose the Troop 69 theme.

The boys borrowed real Boy Scout troop outfits and then added shorts. For the girls we got white shirts from Lane Bryant and then we hand made the brown skirts and sashes. I went to the local Girl Scout/Brownie troops office to buy legit hats and some of the patches. Since we were sexing it up I made some “x-rated” patches for us. And sewed them all on along with some extra flair. One of the guys turned Girl Scout cookie boxes into purses for us girls to carry. When we burst into the party we clapped to a beat and everyone died laughing. Honestly it was a fun time. And it fit all body types. You could go classic and not make it dirty to be more family driven.