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Stunning Shooting Stars Girl Group Costume

Astronomically “shooting stars” are meteors which are rocks/objects from space that get attracted by earth’s gravitational force and enter earth’s atmosphere. Not this costume idea… our “Shooting Stars” takes on a twist of the traditional notion in a fun “pun” type of way. All you need is a gold dress, star accessories, fake plastic guns, bullet belt and a “shining” personality to pull this costume off!

Our Story:

Our journey started out with four girls, all who have larger than life personalities, seeking a Halloween costume that matched! Enter the “Shooting Star” idea. What could be better than bad ass babes in gold dresses with ammo and guns?  We received TONS of compliments, approving smiles, and defnitely felt like we were the “stars” of the party. Follow the simple “DIY” steps and you, too, can become your very own “Shooting Star”!

1) Dress and Shoes

You can buy matching dresses and heels, or not. The only rule is the dress and shoes must be shimmering gold! You can see in our picture, we each had a different dress and pair of heels on. No matter how you want to pull off this look, make sure you buy the dress early in October. Some stores are less inclined to still be selling gold dress at the end of October!

2) Shooting Guns and Ammunition Belt

We each had one fake plastic gun. The fun part about this gun was that it made a noise when you pulled the trigger. I am sure people around us were less than amused when we were pulling the trigger all night…but we had a blast with them!!! As for the ammunition belt, it added to our theme of being a “Shooting Star”. Both can be easily detected at a local toy store, costume store, or even dollar store!

3) Star Makeup and Accessories

We each wore gold eye shadow and used gold glitter to put around the edge of our eyes. This added to the “shining” gold star look! We also wore matching star earrings that dangled. The options in this category are endless…so have fun with it and see what works that best for you!

4) Shooting Star Arm Streamers

To make the arm streamers: cut the toe off a pair of nude knee-high stockings. Use hot glue to attach assorted gold ribbons, slightly overlapping them. Continue down the length of the whole sleeve, and repeat with the second stocking. The streamers gleam as the trail left behind by the shooting star.

5) Star Headpiece

The most essential, star-defining piece of the costume! Supplies needed: inexpensive headband, three wood star cutouts, medium gauge wire, wire cutters, gold spray paint, spray adhesive, gold glitter, wire star garland and glue gun.

  • Evenly coat wood cutout stars with gold spray paint. Once dry, spray with adhesive and dust with gold glitter for extra sparkle.
  • Cut three pieces of wire, approximately 8” in length each. Twist wire into a playful, wavy line.
  • Wrap one end of each wire around headband; secure with hot glue for extra durability. Hot glue painted wooden stars to the free end of the wire.
  • Add a “shooting star trail” to each star by hot gluing three strands of star garland to each star.
  • Place on head, secure with bobby pins and get ready to light up the night!

Stunning Shooting Stars Girl Group Costume

Stunning Shooting Stars Girl Group Costume

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