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Coolest Homemade Girl Scout Halloween Costume

I am the girl scout troop leader for my daughter and thought it would be funny if my husband dress like a girl scout.

For this homemade girl scout Halloween costume I purchased a yard of fabric and sewed the skirt and the sash. My husband had a short sleeve white button down shirt that he wore. He also wore white pantie hose and green knee highs from Five Below.

The patches we printed out on the computer. I had a sticker variety pack made from Avery. It had 36 square stickers in it. We printed out funny “badges” that related to my husband. I should have fabric glued them on because they all fell off by the end of the night.

We had a left over wig from last year. We made pony tails out of it. The costume was complete with some blue eye shadow and pink blush and lipstick.

Cost of homemade girl scout Halloween costume:

White shirt $15
Yard of fabric $5
Knee Highs $2
White tights $1

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