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Super-Easy and Fun DIY Costume: Girl Scout Gone Wrong

I wanted to do a more creative take on the “naughty girl scout” outfit you can buy off the rack. After securing as large a girl’s uniform as I could from a local thrift store I used online auction sites to order funny patches (skull and cross bones, “candy” moniker and even ordered some blank ones). Using a special kind of printer paper I designed my own patches to iron on to the blank ones: I had one with a pot leaf on it for “botany”, a red cross one for giving mouth to mouth, etc).

I did up the look with fake eyelashes and red lipstick. Used a leftover bit of fabric for a headband and secured a bubblegum cigarette poking out underneath. Finishing touch was adding some sticks in my hair to make it look like I had just gotten into some trouble.

Definitely a lot of fun to make since you can get really creative finding/making patches!

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