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Cool Balloons Galore Family Costumes

Since my balloon installation business, Bean and Boosh, soared to new heights this year, our Halloween costumes were all based on BALLOONS! I swore this year would be simple, but it took more work than I thought. We’ve been doing family costumes for over 12 years, so even throughout the pandemic, we were able to keep the tradition alive.

For the adult-sized Tic Tac costume, I ordered a roll of plastic sheeting intended for use as a banister guard. This material was nearly impossible to work with because it kept rolling up! I tried flattening the plastic under heavy textbooks for a week, but that didn’t work. Acrylic sheets are so expensive, so I made do with what I had. The rest is foam board, logo printing, and a ton of orange 260q balloons!

For the Bubble Tea Drink, I used the plastic banister guard again, corrugated cardboard, amber cellophane, clear acrylic boxes for ice, and 5″ black balloons. It was a bit of a struggle to get the giant straw at the exact angle I wanted. The irony is my son is the only person in the family who hates Bubble Tea drinks!

For the Sea Anemone, this was my favorite costume to make!! I used a Dollar Tree hamper and cut the bottom of it out. The rest is 160q and 260q balloons and 11″/5″ balloons for the bubbles.

For the Queen of England and her corgis, this was super easy! Of course, my daughter had to claim this costume as the dog lover of our family! The corgi balloons are filled with helium and have little legs to weigh them down. Super cute!!

For the Bathtub, this was also easy to make thanks to doing balloon installs every week. I used a styrofoam cooler for the tub, and various sized clear, white, pearl, and ivory balloons to make perfect bubbles.

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