Cool Homemade Bathtub Costume

For this Homemade Bathtub Costume, I picked up a bunch of the supplies from the dollar store. I grabbed the rope bucket from Target for $7. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket so that I could wear the bucket. I cut off the rope handles and instead strung ribbon through the existing holes to create suspenders.

I bought a bag of white balloons, from the dollar store, and blew them up to different sizes. I took a needle and thread to attach all the balloons together. Then taped the thread down to the rim of the bucket. I picked up a shower cap, shower puff, rubber ducky and brush from the dollar store as well. I taped down the rubber ducky to the rim of the bucket (would suggest using something like liquid nails next time). I taped up the shower puff to the side and let it hang amongst the balloons. Since I couldn’t find a white bucket, I thought about spray painting it white, but instead just made it festive for Halloween and strung some orange Halloween decorations around the tub/bucket.

I wore a towel I had at home with clothes underneath, but also safety pinned it so it wouldn’t fall off. And lastly, I wore my slippers on my feet.

Everyone at work got a kick out of my costume and can’t wait to see what I come up with next time!!! Thanks for the inspiration to create my own costume!!