Coolest Shower Costume

This was my eight year old daughter’s idea. We took an inexpensive shower curtain and hooks, hula-hoop, shower brush, lots of silver air-duct tape, cardboard tubes, empty soap box, small hand towel, saran wrap and tinsel.

She wore a shower cap, mud face mask (green face paint),a pink turtle neck and leggins, finished off with shower shoes(filp-flops).

First we wrapped the hoop with air-duct tape(u can use duck tape too), attached the paper tube, covered it with the tape and added a funnel shape cone (we found silver paper at the craft store that worked perfect!) and then taped the clear tinsel around the inside for the “water”.

We made the 2 straps to hold it on with the tape also. With the shower curtain we cut and hemmed it, hung it on the hoop, make sure the opening is in the front so she could trick-or-treat in it. Then just added the accessories. She carried the bath brush, we attached the towel over the “shower rail”, used the saran wrap for bubbles and attached them all over,and painted the soap box, wrote “SOAP ON A ROPE” on it and attached it to the shower head with string.

She won lots of costume contest and had lots of fun-getting “Caught in the Shower”!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

8 thoughts on “Coolest Shower Costume”

  1. She used the two straps to make it stay up, you can see them on her daughters shoulders. You could use rope or something like that for the straps/

  2. I saw the previous comments about holding the hoop up straight. I don’t see the girl with anything wrapped on her shoulders… at least I cannot tell. How is it strapped? From the sides, front or back, left or right or both sides? Please help

  3. I was this a few years ago. To make the straps You use clear duct tape. Tape it to the hula hoop going across the top and connect them on the other side of the hoop. They go over your shoulders.

  4. I did this a few years ago and found it helpful to hot glue thin dowel rods across the top of the hula hoop so they fit under my arms (one on each side of my body) and then used ropes as straps over my shoulders. The dowel rods helped with the shifting of the hula hoop and even made the hoop sit lower.

  5. I believe you use clear tape to tape to one side of hoop, across your shoulders and then the other hoop. Make sense? look close at the hoop infront of her and in back. See the clear tape? What you can’t see is it is over her shoulders too!


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