My son went as a shower. For this homemade shower Halloween costume idea, we started with 2 hula hoops and 4 dowel rods. We held a hula hoop over head and attached 4 dowel rods going straight down to the other hula hoop about knee height. We wired it together then wrapped it in duct tape.

We used wrapping paper tubes to make the shower head, wrapped in duct tape, attached to 2 different size styrofoam bowls inside each other for the top (painted silver) with silver pipe cleaners poking out for the “water” . That was attached to the top and bottom hula hoop.

We attached belt strapping to the back two dowel rods to strap it on his shoulders and one down low around his hips. Added shower hooks and curtain. For a flesh color top, I could only find “muscles” at a costume shop. Wrapped his lower half in a towel and put a shower cap on his head. He held a scrubbie. Voila!!! A shower!