My daughter came to me a few days before Halloween and told me she wanted a bubble bath costume. I wasn’t so sure how I was going to pull this off. I went to Walmart and bought a rope handled laundry basket and went to the dollar store and bought the rest of the accessories including: rubber ducks, back scrubber, shower poof, balloons, shower cap and screw in hooks.

We went home and cut the bottom out of the basket, screwed the rubber ducks to the front edge, put the hooks on and hung the scrubber and poof, filled some tulle with balloons and draped around the tub using string to attach to the tub through poked holes, and made suspenders out of elastic covered in material to hold it on her shoulders.

She wore a simple leotard with ballet shoes. This costume won every costume contest entered even at pageants cost no more than $10.00 and she loved it. We hope you do too!