Coolest Loofah Costume

I entered a Halloween-themed 10K run. I wanted a unique costume that would be comfortable to run in. I remembered seeing a shower costume at a party, and I thought it would be really cool to be a have a Homemade Loofah Costume.

I bought 2 rolls of bright purple tulle online, a box of 2″ safety pins, a purple tank top, and some thick rope (about 2-3′ I found at a hardware store). I cut the tulle into approximately 1″ squares and folded so that all the ends would be tucked inward (the edges of the rough tulle fray a little and I wanted to contain that as much as possible). I fastened it into a flower-like shape and used safety pins to hold the shape the way I wanted it to be, and to secure it to the purple tank top. I did this until I had a very full-looking, convincing loofah.

Then, I used safety pins to attach the rope around the back of the neck and down the shoulders to look like the rope on a loofah. I decided to go a step further and buy plastic Christmas ornaments (plastic, round, clear ornaments that are usually found at Michaels) to safety pin in various places on the loofah to look like soap bubbles. Last, I bought shiny white beaded necklaces and hot-glued them to a headband to look like more bubbles.

The result was fantastic! I helped a friend make a similar one in hot pink and my husband dressed as a shower to complete our themed look. The costume was a huge hit- we were photographed a lot! By the way, this was extremely easy to run in.

Homemade Loofah Costume

Homemade Loofah Costume

Homemade Loofah Costume

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  1. what size roll of tulle did you buy? I have bought the 6″ roll of about 20 yards before but that tulle seems transparent. do you use a thicker netting or tulle? wider sheets? Thank you!!


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