Funny DIY Loofah Costume

I found the idea for a loofah costume here and ran with it. I used pink tulle and a LOT of safety pins. I gathered squares of the tulle in one bunch then safety pinned it together and then safety pinned it to a pink shirt. I wore pink shorts and some stretch pants under those, because it was cold here in November.

I just used cheap rope for the string of my loofah and honestly that was the only way a lot of people figured out what I was. Some would say cotton candy; then I’d lift the rope and they’d get it.

You would need large basting safety pins to make the bunches. I also bought some of the colored hair spray (pink of course) and sprayed my entire head with it. I made little tiny bunches of the tulle for the top of my head.

I also bought some gold glitter spray and sprayed every inch of the costume, my body and my hair. The glitter in the right light looked like my loofah was wet.

Have fun with it! I must have gotten 50 comments through out the day and night.

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