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Coolest Loofah DIY Halloween Costume

Bonjour DIY Costume Fans!

I wanted to have a fun, homemade costume for Halloween this year. I found the homemade loofah DIY Halloween costume on your website, thought they all looked awesome and decided to run with it. It was a big hit, got lots of laughs and to my surprise it won best female costume at a local pub party. The loofah costume was awesome all-round.

This is what I used to create the costume:

1. A HEAP of safety pins – I got a box of 100 from the dollar store for $1.00
2. 8 meters of tulle (although I would recommend 10 meters to be safe) for $20.00
3. An old t-shirt with a hood

4. A metal coat hanger
5. 2 meters of rope ($1.50 from the fabric shop)
6. Very thin wire
7. Duct tape
8. Old headband
9. Hot glue
10. Wire snippers

The actual loofah was easy peasy to create. It was time consuming as it took about three hours to pin. Snip the tulle and then create a good-sized puff you like. Then safety pin your puff to the old shirt. I recommend that you start with the most bottom puffs first and work your way up to the hood.

The headband was a tad difficult to make. I started by un-knotting a metal coat hanger and ran hot glue across it. I wrapped the 2 meters of rope around it. Then, twist the rope into the type of shape you like. Glue the two rope ends together – I found that a 3 inch base was sturdy. To insure that your headband is sturdy, thin wire will attach the base of the rope to an old head band. The more you wire, the more sturdy your headband will be. Next, I wrapped the entire base with duct tape to make sure no wire would be poking.

Loofah DIY Halloween Costume

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