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Super Cute Bath Loofah Costume

This Bath Loofah Costume is one of my most favorite I’ve ever made and worn!

It’s creation was a family effort, really!  My sweet sister-in-law gave me the idea. After a lot of research, every variation that I found was made for the woman with the perfect figure to be a somewhat “sexy” costume.  I, being what I like to call “pleasantly plump” or “fabulously fluffy” had to modify it to be appropriate for my body type and my office.  After throwing a few ideas around, I first picked the color of mesh ribbon that I wanted to use for my loofah.  I went with a pretty pink with a little sparkle that would resemble glistening water drops.

I then bought a matching pink t-shirt. I started the construction of the costume by cutting the mesh into 18 inch strips. I then bunched it together, safety pinned it and set it aside. I’m not gonna lie…this was a LONG process. I actually recruited my mom to help me make these countless mesh bunches! After we had what we thought to be enough, we began safety pinning the bunches to the t-shirt. Once we thought it looked pretty good, I tried it on.

Once I had it on, we realized there were still a lot of empty spaces that needed to be filled. We decided it’d be best for me to leave the shirt on while my mom added more bunches to fill out the costume. I LITERALLY put blood, sweat and tears into this costume. You wouldn’t believe HOW many times I got stuck with those stinkin’ safety pins! I think my sweet Mama had a little too much fun with this part!  Ha!Ha!  After the main part of the costume was finished, we decided to make a little hat out of the same mesh with a rope hanging down. This definitely completed the look.  But to top it all off, I made a large bottle of “body wash” out of thick foam board that I carried around with me.  We had so much fun making this costume and slowly but surely seeing it come together!

The reaction that I got from my family, friends and coworkers was worth all the hard work!  I can’t tell you how many people told me that it was the most creative costume they’d ever seen!  Others told me how realistic it was and that they couldn’t believe I spent so much time on it. My response was that I am a big fan of homemade costumes and that I just really enjoy making them. It truly is somewhat therapeutic for me to do this type of thing.  9 times out of 10 I recruit family and or friend(s) to help me and we always have such a fun time together!  There is usually a lot of trial and error, but those things just make the costume all the more special.  Made with lots of love!

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