Coolest Bath Loofah Girls Homemade Halloween Costumes

We wanted to do a funny, yet sexy costume for Halloween this year. We made our bath Loofah Girls homemade Halloween costumes by buying 20 yards of tulle, a package of 1 inch elastic, and a package of thinner elastic. Leaving the tulle doubled (as it comes on the roll) roll it out, and cut into 8 equal pieces. Gather each piece from the center making a “bowtie” and secure it with elastic.

Once you have done this with all of the sections, tie each section to the thicker elastic. You will have to measure the thicker elastic to fit under your bust, and your waist. You are basically making 2 tutus. We wore tube top dresses under, and we fluffed away! They turned out AWESOME, and we were a finalist in our costume contest.