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Fun Group Halloween Costume: Loofah Girls

We came up with the idea for these Loofah girls costumes only days before the Halloween party we were going to attend. So we researched what we would have to do and then went and got all the materials. We simply used about  25 yards of tulle fabric (after going to the store twice because we ran out the first time) and about 50-60 safety pins.

We simply wore a strapless tank top and short spandex shorts under neither. Then layer by layer we wrapped the fabric and pinned it in clumps  to our clothes underneath about every six to seven inches. We were up pretty late the night before pinning and make adjustments, but it was all worth it because they turned out great and we literally felt like rock stars walking in to the bars we went to with people consistently stopping us to take our pictures. We even won 100 dollars at one place for best costume of the night. The night we wore these was one of the best nights I’ve ever had and I would like to think it had a little to do with the loofahs!

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