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Original and Sexy Lipsmacker Gloss Sticks Girls Group Costume

My best friends and I had a sleepover one night and we were brainstorming ideas for cute Halloween costumes, which brought us back to our childhood memories and popular trends and then I remembered how every girl owned at least 5 of those lipsmacker gloss sticks and the decision was made, original and sexy Lipsmacker Gloss Sticks girls group costume! We all researched (Googled) the flavors and decided which ones were best suitable for our skin tones. The flavors we ended up choosing were: Wild Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Tropical Punch, Strawberry and I chose Vanilla :) In addition to this, it was our last year of high school so we wanted to leave with a BANG! something that students would be left stunned by and something we would never forget seeing as we’d all be headed our separate ways in the fall  ( I will never forget the looks on the faces of our student body as we walked into the dance)! Everyone was so amazed and impressed by our creativity. We had so much fun collecting supplies and creating these costumes, the sad part is I don’t know where I’m ever going to wear it again, but it holds to many memories to give away.

Collection Of Supplies For Our Awesome Idea

This was actually the most difficult part of the process. My friends and I are all students and have jobs so our schedules were different throughout the year thanks to that and sports commitments. I’m also the only one out of the group that doesn’t go to the same high school as the other 4 so while they were planning things I was never in the loop. There was so much bickering regarding who would be which be flavor so it took us a long time to get the fabric and I had to wait for everyone to give me their share of the money before I could purchase supplies.


Fabric paint (approx. 5 small bottles) from Micheals for 69c each

5 yards of fabric (one for each color) from Fabricland for 10 dollars each

Let’s Get Down To Business Ladies!

When my friends came over, I wrapped the fabric around them, pinned it and cut off the access fabric and then got my mom to sew them up with a sewing machine. Then we turned each dress inside out so that the seams weren’t visible. We bought a velvet-like, stretchy material so that we were comfortable and easy to get in and out off.

Now Here Comes The Fun Part

We laid each dress out (flat) on a table so we could apply the paint. We placed a large piece of cardboard inside each dress to ensure that the paint wouldn’t bleed through and stain the other side. At first we were going to use stencils, but we didn’t have time to purchase them, so my friend and I that have similar writing just did the writing free hand. After each dress has the words “LIPSMACKER’ and the personal flavor written across it, we filled in it using the appropriate color scheme provided from the internet. They took approx. 36 hrs to dry, (the paint states that they’ll need around 48 hrs), but ours didn’t take quite as long.

Time To Get Wild And Accessorize

With the access bits of fabric we had, we made headbands to match our dresses, worn matching earrings, painted our nails accordingly and you can’t forget about the shoes. This was the best part because even though we were matching we got to show off our individuality with make-up and other things!

Out of all the costumes I’ve had this was definitely the most fun to make! Thanks so much and enjoy.

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