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Last-Minute “Got Milk?” Spokesperson Costume

So, it’s the night before Halloween and I’m desperately searching for some sort of Halloween costume I can make out of household items… Then a “Got milk” commercial came on! This costume is as last-minute as last-minute will ever get. I took an old, plain white t-shirt and wrote “Got milk?” in big black letters. Then, you have an option of finding any sort of white goo on your upper lip to appear like you’ve got the classic “milk ‘stache” (feel free to be creative with this; I went through wite-out, white paint, Elmer’s glue, and even Greek yogurt until I decided on lotion!) For a final touch, I also found an empty bottle of milk and put white napkins inside to carry around as a prop. bonus points for wearing some crazy socks or sweatbands to look like an athlete spokesperson! The reactions to my costume were priceless. I got so many compliments without spending any money and you’re definitely not going to find someone else dressed the same at a Halloween party!

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