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Original Last-Minute Costume Idea: Sock Monkey Lady

Okay so i decided I would dress up this year. Easier said than done. Coulnt think of anything I wanted to be. Jokingly I told my teen daughter as played around with her closet for ideas that maybe id wear her monkey hat and leave it at that. She laughed and said that was pretty rediculous. I was about to give up this whole dressing up idea till I was home alone and I picked up the monkey hat again and thought it wouldnt be so bad. So I threw together a pair of black leggins long brown sleave shirt and a red ribbon. I knew sock monkeys had sock hands so I searched for a pair to match for my wrists finding the pair of red and white stockings in the prosses. Finished product according to my husband “hey your one of those cute girls” what cute girls I asked “you know from that movie Gatsby” OMG!? Really? No!! I said im a sock monkey! uhgg! “whats that” he says. Okay im done with him lol… Everyone else said it was cute. someone asked where i bought it and i got a Hi sock monkey!

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