My boys and I love Halloween! We usually have our costumes figured out by May :-) But this year my 7 yr old just couldn’t decided what he wanted to be. His 3 brothers had all decided on costumes that would take some work on my part. So I have to admit I was not completely disappointed that he decided to be Agent Phil Colsen from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. This seriously had to be the EASIEST, cheapest costume EVER. My son already had a suit and tie. So all I had to do was make a badge. I simply Googled images of Agent Phil Colsen… and what do ya know…there was an image of his name badge photo and all. I just saved it and removed the picture. I then had my son put on his shirt, tie, and coat and fixed his hair and took his picture (head shot). I just inserted his picture and printed the picture. I have a laminating machine so I laminated it and added a clip from one of my husbands name badges from his job.  My son already had the sunglasses. So that was it….easy and cheap and one very happy 7 yr old…can’t beat that!