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Scary Regan from the Exorcist Costume

I created this Regan from the Exorcist costume because I love scary movies and The Exorcist is one of the best. I wanted to do something scary this year so that’s what I went with.

Regan from the Exorcist Costume Instructions

  • I used liquid latex and light foundation with Vaseline and fake blood on my face. It took a few hours to apply, let dry, and repeat.
  • I also made a cardboard headboard (not pictured) and covered it in that fake wood grain tacky paper.
  • I tied ripped bed sheets to the fake bed posts and my wrists.
  • It was attached to my shoulders with Christmas candy canes (the ones that light up and you stick in your yard).
  • They were taped to the inside of the headboard and through holes in my gown.
  • I used actual split pea soup with a little flour for the “puke”.

There were some people who wouldn’t come near me. It was fun going after them, but my arms could only reach out so far due to being tied up.

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