Every year my company hosts a huge Halloween party and costume contest. My co-workers and I are always trying to beat each other out for 1st place. This year I wanted to do something scary, classic and inexpensive. So I decided to be Regan from the classic 1973 Exorcist.

I started out by making a trip to my local Goodwill store. I found an old nightgown for $2.00. Then I went to the Halloween store and purchased some white cream makeup, liquid latex and fake blood (corn syrup) for my face. Then I went to another Halloween store and bought yellow demon contacts (which was the most expensive part of my costume $29.99) and some teeth wax (for ugly teeth).

I practiced my makeup a couple of nights before Halloween… I wanted to get the right shades and didn’t want it to look too cartoony…I glued down my eyebrows using a regular re-stick able glue stick. Then I used liquid latex and strips of toilet paper to make the cuts and scars. I used a lot of colors from my regular eye shadow pallet for shading a lot of grays, black, purple, yellow and green. The whole makeup process took about an hour and a half.

I thought about cutting and changing my hair color… but decided against it (let’s not get carried away now).

For the night gown I just mixed green, white and yellow (all purpose craft) paint. I know people usually use pea soup… but, I didn’t want to have to smell that all day. And then I added some blood just for a little extra pizzazz.

The costume was a big hit… everyone was super creeped out by my appearance nobody could stand looking at me or talking to me for too long… every time I took a step towards them they would take a step back. I ended up winning first place. And am already planning my costume for next year!