In my head I had an image of how I wanted it to look.  I thought the most important part was the make-up.  I did a lot of research on making it look gorey and found a lot of how-tos on scar making.  Basically I used small pieces of rolled up toilet paper and liquid latex, laying the latex on first and then rolling up a tiny piece of TP to make the edges of the scar.  You then dip the TP into the latex and attach to the already latexed surface of your face, neck, hand etc.  Shape the TP into edges of the scar and then wait for it to dry.  Then you add layers of makeup, first skin tone and then darker reds and browns to get the bloody effect.  Do a search for \”homemade scars toilet paper latex\”.

Contact lenses are a MUST have and make the biggest impression (put them in before you do the make up so that if/when your eyes water, the tears don\’t ruin the makeup).  They realllllly freak people out.  I got bloodshot white out lenses.  Brown wig, pasty white makeup added on AFTER the scars.  I used liquid eyeliner on my teeth and reapplied occasionally throughout the night.  Brown wax makeup may work well too.

I wore a flannel nightgown purchased at KMart and ripped up pieces of sheet to tie around my wrists like I had been tied down to the bed.  Over my nightgown I spread split pea soup and let dry overnight, it cracked a little and probably would come up with something different next time.  I spoke in a psychotic Regan voice and quoted her from the movie to complete the effect.

My husband played the priest.  Simple enough, but it really struck a chord with our friends.  He wore a basic priest costume and sprayed his hair grey, did a comb-over, glasses and cross accessorized the outfit.  I made the stoll out of fabric and affixed a felt cross to one side.