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Coolest Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume

I am a big Halloween freak, I just love it. Every year we make our own costumes from scratch. This year me and my husband decided to dress up as the exorcist. I have always been so terrified of this girl, but had to do it. I don’t look exactly like her, but I think our Homemade Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume turned out pretty good though.

I started 2 weeks before Halloween, making my own scars and fake forehead. I try to do everything on my own, first because it gets expensive to buy everything and second because we live in a very small town so there is not much here and third I love making everything. I got someone to pick me up some liquid latex. I made all my scars with this, did strips of latex in a scar forms, then after it was dried I cut a slit through the middle with scissors, glued some pieces of toilet paper in the middle of the cut to make it look all ripped, then decorated them with makeup (my husband was my practice). It took me awhile to finally find the right way to do it.

Then my forehead, this one took a couple of tries and alot of wasted latex from trying. I did one sheet of toilet paper then a lyer of latex on top, let that dry did this until I got the right height, then cut it to the shape I wanted. I also glued pieces of toilet paper to my lips to make them look all dry and chapped. The rest of my face is just a layer of latex to give the skin some texture, then white makeup and some black in spots for bruises and a little orange on top. Under my eyes some black and red liner on the edge of my bottom eyelid, then the white contacts. My nails (which you dont see though) but I cut and broke fake nails, glued them then added black and red nail polish to make them look broken and bruised and added fake blood. Added scars and bruises on my arms and legs. Bought a brown long wig cut it with some layers, but should of glued the front to my forehead cause it kept falling back, it was a little to big.

Added some black wax to my teeth, bought an old nightgown and slippers, poured some green makeup mixed with flour that night and poured it on the front of the nightgown and my slippers, tied some material to my wrists. My husband was the priest, he had a black wig that I cut and styled a bit, some grey and black makeup, black shirt and pants, I made a red scarf with some red silk material, glued some crosses that made with foil, yellow contacts and small glasses.

And thats our Homemade Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume. Wish I would of had better pictures, but that’s all I got. Hope you all like it.

Homemade Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume

Homemade Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume

Homemade Exorcist and Priest Couple Costume

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  1. Hey Carole,

    I think your costumes were out of this world! I wish I would of went out even more now!! You used so little and lots of it was vintage.(toilet paper) haha

    Great job and great work girl!!
    Love ya! xoxo


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