Coolest Homemade Reagan MacNeil and Priest Couple Costume

This Homemade Reagan MacNeil and Priest Couple Costume idea started out as my cousin’s, but she couldn’t attend the Halloween party we were all going to, so she left it up to me and my fiance to pull it off.

I found the nightgown at Goodwill and paid no more than 3 dollars for it. The scars on my face were applied by myself and help from my younger cousin with “Fake Skin” from Party City. It was about $2.99 per tray. I used two. We added fake blood on top of white paint and the fake skin to give the effect.

We also drenched the front of the nightgown with actual split pea soup and sprayed an adhesive over it. I highly do not recommend this. The stench of the split pea soup wanted to make me throw up all night! If you can think of a green product that will stand out and not stink, do it!

The head board was made from partical board with matting and a piece of fabric stapled around it. The posts were wrapping paper rolls and the lamps at the top were Styrofoam cups.

The priest costume was easiest. Found the dress at Savers for 2 bucks and I made the white sash from a piece of fabric and the crosses from felt. We painted his face white to depict a scene in the movie when the priest is scared to death by the sight of creepy Reagan. I also covered a hard covered novel with a paper bag, painted it black and wrote bible in white as one of his accessories.

We ended up winning the costume contest as “Best Couple”.

 Reagan Mcneil and Priest Couple Costume

 Reagan Mcneil and Priest Couple Costume

 Reagan Mcneil and Priest Couple Costume

 Reagan Mcneil and Priest Couple Costume

6 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Reagan MacNeil and Priest Couple Costume”

  1. i love your costume, can i ask how you did the sick please, i’m thinking of going as reagan for my sisters halloween birthday party, i’ve looked at bought shop reagan costumes but they havnt been that good, and yours is amazing, i’d be really grafeul if you could help x

  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond!

    I attached a piece of fabric to the head board and made it long enough to tie around my waist. I made a small hole in the back of the nightgown to slide the fabric belt through, all of this is under the nightgown so its concealed. I bought split pea soup and poured it on the nightgown, I also sprayed adhesive to it because it started to flake off. It was messy and smelly, if there’s another way to create spilt pea soup, do it, while this worked, it was uncomfortable throughout the night

  3. I used baby food for my “vomit”. I got a small jar of green beans or pea and diluted it. Thankfully, it had no smell whatsoever.

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