Creepy Exorcist Couple Costume

I love, love, love Halloween and I enjoy making costumes for my husband and I. We attend a few parties each year and we try not to wear the same costume twice. After many years, this is becoming a challenge. This year we were Carl and Russell from the Disney movie UP, the Day of the Dead and my favorite, The priest and Regan from the Exorcist! Here is our version of the Exorcist.

My husband was the Priest. The Priest’s costume was fairly easy. I found a black graduation gown at the thrift store. I made the purple stole, added white felt crosses and gold yarn as the fringed ends. I bought a cross for him to wear around his neck from the costume store. He wore a black pant and a black collard shirt. I made the white collar using felt and attached Velcro to fasten it. I also purchased round glasses at the Halloween store. I made a “vomit” mix using green paint and mixed in some smashed up crackers and threw some of that on his sleeve.

I was Regan. Her costume was easy enough. I found a blue flowery night gown at the Thrift store, threw some fake blood on it and some of the green “vomit,” I made. I cut up an old white t shirt and tied the pieces around my wrists and around one of my ankles.

The most time consuming was the face make up. The make up took about two hours. I used layers of liquid latex and tissue to make the cuts on her face. Then I used red, black, yellow and green face paint to add details and to make it look more realistic then added fake blood. I wore a wig and messed up the hair. Popped in some green wolf contact lenses and used some smokers teeth,  that was it!

The reactions we got were priceless! The party we attended had about 300 people. Most of them loved our costume, but there were a few that were seriously freaked out.

Creepy Exorcist Couple Costume

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