The scariest of all scary!! Being a fan of horror The Exorcist, for me, tops them all. This costume was so easy and the makeup was so much fun! I took an old night gown and smeared baby food peas all over it and let them dry.. gross! I also took an old brown wig and let my two 120 lb American Bulldogs play tug-o-war with it for a bit to create that crazy look. I also smashed peas into the hair and Voila… that’s it! The rest is makeup.

Using liquid latex and layers of toilet paper to build up my brow/forehead area I then used liquid latex, foundation, and baby powder for the base. The rest was 3D gel for the scars, eyeshadow (cream & powder) to create the bruised/scabby bloody cuts. I also used nicotine teeth applicant. The eyes were the best part.. no contacts, just used brown and black shading and outlined with burgundy red…perfect possessed look!

People absolutely loved this costume! I felt like a celebrity :) People were asking to take their picture with me and some were genuinely scared! I am so tired of the “sexy____(fill in the blank)! All my friends want to dress as something scary next year.The overwhelming response and kudos that I received in regard,to this costume was amazing. In all of my 41 years of dressing up for Halloween (and believe me, I never miss a year), this has, to be one of favorites. People couldn’t believe how realistic it looked and how much I looked like the character.  For how easy it to recreate I probably should be offended ;).

My husband who of course came as the priest thought I was a bit too convincing. While dancing at the costume party with my husband I leaned in for  kiss…well let’s just say I was definitely rejected. Lol!