This costume was a hit!  The white contacts made it really scary!  I won first prize at the Halloween Party with this — everyone couldn’t believe it was me.  The white contacts were purchased at Coastal Contacts.

To make the costume, I went to a thrift store and bought the nightgown, the priest’s hat, pants and jacket, along with slippers for my feet.  I then found an internet picture of Linda Blair in a scene from “The Exorcist” movie and tried to create the same appearance.  I bought cheap hair gel and poured it all over my hair to give the appearance of being “wet.”  I then used white and green quick-drying make-up all over my face.  I used a glue stick to “mat” my eyebrows and covered them with the make-up.  I then poured liquid latex into a bowl and used a make-up sponge to dab the latex on the areas of my face where I wanted to place the “gashes.”  Using toilet tissue, I wound a small piece between my fingers to create a “snake,” dipped the snake into the latex, and placed in on the latex area on my face.  Once the gashes were “formed,” I patted flesh-colored make up on them along with fake blood.  I then used gel blood to fill in the inside and used black cream for shading around my eyes and the gashes.  I also used blue and purple eye shadow to make the areas around the gashes look bruised.  I used a black wax to put on my teeth to make them look rotten.

On my gown, I used liquified canned pea soup to look like I had vomited green crud, and I used fake blood in the front of the gown.  I also purchased a plastic cross at the Halloween store and dipped it in fake blood.  I had my boyfriend purchase the priest color, cross and stole at the Halloween store.

The costume took a little time but was well worth it!