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Creepy Exorcist Homemade Costume

My “Reagan” costume from The Exorcist was created by using white, black and green make up all over my face. My hair was made to look “greasy” by soaking it in hair gel. To create the “bloody gashes” on my face, I used twisted pieces of tissue soaked in latex and then shaped like “gashes” which I filled in with gooey liquid fake blood. My lips were covered in dried latex, and my teeth were covered in black wax.

I used opaque contact lenses in my eyes. I purchased an old nightgown from the thrift store and poured pea soup and fake blood on it. Be sure to take pics if you do this one — people flip out when they see it!

Exorcist Costume

Exorcist Costume

Exorcist Costume and Priest

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