First, I’m gonna start off by saying that this was last years Halloween costume that I made all by myself because (at the time) they didn’t HAVE a costume out for her…(new for 2011 however there IS one…go figure lol).

Anyway..sooo what i did was I bought a $3.00 blue gown from the salvation army that I thought resembled her gown in the movie..I splattered it with home made vomit (neon green fabric paint and glue to give it that chunky kinda bubbly texture) then I did my own makeup..scars, wounds, etc… popped in some demon green contacts… used my own hair just messed it up a little..added home made restraints.

And then the fun part was making the bed..I basically took a long piece of cardboard and shaped it into a bed..used empty toilet paper rolls and crunched up newspaper in a ball for the bedposts..and then I wrapped the entire thing up with a sheet to cover everything..I attached my own little pillow and a blanket to cover me..and I strapped the entire thing to me so I was basically walking around with a bed behind me the whole time..I could even SIT in it with no problems!!! It was fun!! lol