Coolest Exorcist Homemade Costume

I chose a Reagan from Exorcist Costume. This was a pretty simple costume to make, and the outcome was outstanding. I won best costume for this.

The easy part, the attire: I bought a brown wig and ratted it up a little bit. At the thrift store I picked up a blue, lacy, cotton night gown. That’s it for wardrobe.

Makeup: I bought some white and black face paint. Also purchased was scar putty and spirit gum for the scars, and fake blood. Outlined my eyes in red to give a more blood shotty look.

The Kicker: My husband helped me construct a small bed out of a really thick cardboard box. About 3″ of foam was put on top for the mattress, and a fleece blanket. I actually cut a whole in the middle of the bed where I was standing in. Bought stairway columns for the posts, and constructed the front and back boards just out of like 2″x2″ wood. I then took apart an old backcountry back pack and used the straps and waist belt as a harness to keep the bed up all night long. It totally worked, and was very comfortable. I also stuffed some child like socks and tied them to the head board, to give the illusion of my lying in the bed. And wore black tights to try to hide my actual legs. I was dancing with this bed on and everything! Taking a whiz was a different story, LOL, not that hard though, I just had to take the harness off my shoulders and step out of the box once it slid to the floor.

Again, this costume was very easy to make, even the bed, and was totally awesome!

I sat on the dance floor a couple times to get the full effect.

Homemade Exorcist Costume