Hello my name is Rachel and my sister and I were sitting in the house one day bored with nothing to do. Halloween was fast approaching so we decided that we would try our hand at making Halloween costumes. She decided to go down the more pretty/sexy Halloween look whereas I wanted to make my costume as scary and as grotesque as possible. I decided I would try and recreate the exorcist look as the girl in the film always scares me to death.

In my shed at home we had loads of big cardboard boxes so I used them for material for the bed. I started off with the base of the bed by using a big cardboard box and cut it into the shape of a bed leaving bed posts. I then got a polystyrene board and cut it to fit the base of the bed and I used this as the mattress. I cut a space in both the cardboard and the polystyrene for a place for my body. I painted the cardboard dark brown and I wove some rope through the bed to hoist it onto my body. I then got a pair of tights and stuffed them with newspapers to made legs and then I put socks on the feet and covered the legs with a blanket.

Now for the fun part, the girl herself. I had black hair at the time so I just back combed it. Then I got an old nightdress and just mixed porridge and mushy peas to make sick and poured it down my nightdress. I tied two bits of white cloth to my arms. I painted my face white and used black eye-shadow for around my eyes. I had originally bought scars in the costume shop but they wouldn’t stick to my face (waste of money). So then I found some hole filler that my father had so I pasted it to my face leaving little crevices and then I filled them with ketchup.

It was one of my friends 21st birthday parties for this Halloween so I walked into the party without any of my sisters, so they had absolutely no idea how I was. I was so proud of my costume as I scared so many people that night (even myself). No joke, I kept forgetting how terrible I looked and every so often I used to look in the mirror at the party and freak myself out. The best Halloween costumes are the ones one make yourself as they are the most original and the scarier the better. Have fun making your Halloween costume and I hope mine has given you some ideas!!!