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Coolest Regan from the Exorcist DIY Costume

I started this Regan from the Exorcist DIY Costume by using a coat of white cream makeup. I used liquid latex and did two layers using white Kleenex where each wound would be. Covered with a gray cream makeup and powdered with baby powder. Tooth wax on the teeth before using scar wax to coat your lips. Used a scar wax and covered with liquid latex on the lips.

Cover entire face and neck with a gray creme makeup. Gently tear open the wounds. Fill the wounds with a light coat of black creme makeup. Use purple and yellows for bruising around the wounds. Fill in the wounds with red creme makeup.Shade in your eyes and anywhere else you want shading with black eyeshadow and use red creme makeup around the eyes. Use black, grey, pink and red on the lips.

Get a good wig. I used a flannel night gown and flour mixed with green food coloring and black creme makeup to make the pea soup vomit on my PJ’s. Bought the contacts online. Contacts make the whole costume.

Regan from the Exorcist DIY Costume

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  1. Oh Yeah, I forgot to say that the best way to conceal your eyebrows is to use a washable glue stick (i used the disappearing purple kind) and cover them using four or five coats. Of course let them dry inbetween coats.


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