Hello lovers of horror!!

The exorcist has got to be one of my all time favourite films so this year I thought before I get any older and can’t pull off looking like a child anymore (I’m 22!) I thought I’d go as Regan. I don’t have much money so I came up with a cheap, effective and damn scary Regan from the Exorcist costume.

First of all I bought some white out contact lenses online for £4. There really isn’t any need to spend £20 on contacts when you can buy the 1 day wear contacts for under a fiver. I went to a local charity shop where I found a long retro nighty with faded blue flowers on it which cost me all of £1! It was about 3 sizes too big for me but I think that added to the creepy effect.

My hair was blonde so I bought some wash in wash out black hair spray which cost about £2.50. I let my hair dry naturally so it would be curly and messy before sprayed it dark. I already had face paints so I painted my face white, with dark around my eyes and then created the cuts with face paint and some fake blood which I bought for £1.00. I wacked some of the black face paint on my teeth too – although this obviously came off after a while!

Finally I used apple sauce (which I already had in the cupboard) mixed with water and green paint and threw it over myself to look like sick!

I had some awesome reactions to this costume, most people were too scared to even look at me! I freaked everyone out and it only set me back £8.50! Definitely worth it.