My daughter was obsessed with Monster High but we both knew there would be a million Monster High characters and we wanted something more creative. So one day, as we were cleaning out an old closet at my paren’ts house, we found my mom’s old First Communion Dress. It was yellowed and tattered. After all, it was roughly 55 years old! As soon as she pulled it out, I knew it was the PERFECT idea for my 5 year old! That’s when we decided to do the Bride of Frankenstein and use the dress for our inspiration. It just happened to fit my daughter perfectly!

We searched high and low for the typical wig but couldn’t find anything in her size that wasn’t the modern day look. We wanted original scary, not modern scary! I found an “old lady” wig at the Dollar Store for $2. I put it on one of my daughter’s doll heads and started teasing and spraying like crazy. I put barettes inside of the wig to make certain parts stand up and not fall out.

We took one of her turtle necks out of her drawer, used her off white tights and black boots (again, things she already had), and put some spider webs and spiders on the dress ($2). The makeup was $1.

For $5 we created a costume that EVERYONE was talking about. She not only wore it, but she played the part! She kept a straight face and looked serious the entire night. I bet she had 100 photos snapped of her. She just looked so original. We couldn’t have purchased a better look! In fact, we had a family member ask if she could just hang out on their porch all night to scare the kids!