This was my choice for our couples costume.  What better than one of the first iconic Monsters & his bride?  We originally were planning on doing the classic styles for both characters but, upon doing our research, we realized that that’s what everyone had already done.  We wanted to take a different approach to the iconic monsters.

For The Bride of Frankenstein, my wife simply looked to see what she had in her closet.  Black designer dress, designer heels and the bulk core of her costume was complete.  Next was her wig, belt, black rose bouquet, jewelery costume make-up, add some scars…WaLa!

A trip to the thrift store for me.  Suit jacket, shoes and my core was done.  A hand full of accessories brought my costume to life.  Spike bracelet, fake diamond ear rings, fake cigar and some sun glasses. I put it all together and “popped” my suit jacket collar…Bam!