I was so pleased with how “on-the-cheap” this costume came together!  It helped that I have a lot of hair and didn’t have to spend a bunch of money on a wig to achieve the classic “bride” look.  I started with a $6.00 dress from Goodwill (a near perfect fit– wow!) I work in a restaurant where we have a giant box of cheesecloth which my boss donated a few feet of for the cause.  I tea stained it in some black tea so it would look aged then attached it to the dress for gauzy sleeves and a little back detail.  As for the hair,  a couple of bucks for three hair donuts did the trick to create the shape I needed for my up-do.   I pulled some hair through the donuts then pulled my remaining hair up around to cover the donuts then secured it at the top with a rubberband.  Four bobby pins and some hairspray– all set!  My friend who also cuts my hair made the lightening streak clip-ins for me to complete the look.  I used the 1935 Elsa Lanchester movie pic as inspiration for my make-up.  I lightened my face a bit by mixing my liquid makeup with a little white makeup, gave myself dramatic, uplifted eyebrows, dramatic red lips, and of course, made my face look like it had been stitched together by making simple stitch marks with an eye pencil.  Ta da!

My mom accompanied me to a party dressed as, who else, mother-of-the-bride of Frankenstein!  Fun!  We had fun with her costume, too.  She used a sweet potato bag as her snood, and I made her a corsage of dead flowers!