My mom has always made me costumes since I was a little girl and now she helps me with couple’s costumes. With two heads we always come up with the easiest way to get it done.  I’m the dreamer and my husband is a great sport! He will do just about anything, from face paint, to painting his arms and funny stuff like that, he understand that Halloween is my favorite!!

So for these Frankie and his bride, I couldn’t figure out what to do with them. I had my wig and a blazer for him but I wasn’t sure what to do about his boots and having him wear platforms he wasn’t a fan of, so we thought about it and I was like let’s just make shoe covers to fit a part of boots, that he has and it so worked. Then I wasn’t sure what to do to his blazer to make him look boxy, and then I stuffed pantyhose with pillow stuffing and it worked great. I was like what am I going to do for bolts? My husband has 1″inch gaged ears so I figured if I could find something to go into those that would work great and it did. I found some kind of part for the toilet at the store and it was perfect!  He wanted some kind of cool belt so I made him one out of hemp instead of a rope belt! Much cooler he even had match bracelets I wear one of them!! he he

So then it was one to my costume and I was super lost, I didn’t like any of the pictures that I was finding on her, but I really liked my wig! SO I decided to find a dress like outfit and completely change it. I added tulle and all kinds of things to make it different and you wouldn’t have ever know it after I was done. I had a purple and black corset that I know would work perfect I also dressed it up with purple & black tights with green fishnets over top and then green fishnet gloves, one of my favorite things was my pet monster! He was super cool. My purse he had a zipper mouth, moving eyes and was crazy fuzz, purple, green and pink. The biggest black and green eyelashes that I could find!! I had these white heels that worked really well but I needed to make them match, so I found these Frankenstein heads that had some beads on them and sewed them to this lace thing and BAM. It was great and worked out so well! I was so proud and mom was too.