I love making my own costumes and love Halloween so it’s an eventful month for me since I’m usually running around looking for pieces for my costume. I wanted to be bride of Frankenstein but sexy vintagie style. My husband and I are obviously opposite because he wanted to go with more modern look so here goes modern meets vintage. Mind you he was not much of a costume type of guy when we met but when I started telling him that I could make him into this Frankenstein that gets electrocuted as he walked I think I got his attention. Trust he kept telling me that it wasn’t going to work but ha!

Goodwill is an awesome place but shop early because Halloween comes around that place is a nightmare.

So for Frankeinstein: Found my hubby an old black sports coat and shredded a few areas to make it look old. He had black slacks, black shirt and black shoes. We bought the gloves, chain on amazon. Craigslist had the mask. I also wanted the effect of him being electrocuted so bought battery operated sound wire light. Yes…SOUND LIGHT.  I weaved the wire light throughout the jacket starting from the top of the shoulders. Since you cant cut the wire I had to figure out ways to twist and bend the wire to look as if it was cut. I made holes in the jacket to put lights through to give the illusion they were cut. I then created a lightning effect. I hid the battery pack at the top where the wires began.

As to the love interest, Bride of Franky,  I found this white dress at goodwill oversized but had bead work that looked like it was vintage.  I sewed the back straight to fit and mold to my size and cut off excess.i put the dress on and folded excess to oneside to marker with a pen how tight i wanted the dress. I also used battery operated sound wire light to weave through the dress like Franky creating the illusion of electricity. I bought from the 99 cents store a foam sponge, white gauze wrap, blond clip on extensions and Bobby pins. I bought a white cheap full sheet and cut it into a square. I draped the sheet over my shoulders making it look like part of the dress. I figured red shoes for a little bit of color. I curled my hair with the smallest rollers I could find to cause the electrocuted hair. I did a half ponytail and at the top placed the sponge to give it height. I covered it with the rest of my hair and just pinning the curls to lay flat on the sponge. I then got the blond extensions, hid the clip in between areas near the ears and flattened the curls to look like s’s pinning all to the top. I gave myself a few stitches but now looking back I would have exaggerated with more color on stitches.

We walked in to the party and immediately everyone started approaching for pictures. My husband said he felt like jayz that night because people wouldn’t leave us alone. We had a blast and as we walked through different rooms with different music the lights would brighten up and  slowly dim making us get electrocuted according to the beat of the music at the same time. We love our costumes and have been even offered to buy it off of us but I think this one stays. We keep getting asked to wear them again but I always want new adventures for Halloween.  Maybe Vegas sometime. I hope you enjoy.