I decided that I would go as the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween this year. I am getting married in a few weeks, so it seemed fitting.

I started by buying 3 yards of muslin fabric and 3 yards of the mesh fabric. I folded these in half and sewed a seam along the edges, leaving an arm hole on each side. Then I cut out a head hole in the top. I added large shoulder pads underneath and I had a dress! I distressed the bottom muslin layer by spraying it with gray spray paint and then put the mesh layer over it.

I next took a pair of panty hose and cut the feet off of them. Then I put my arms into them and wore them as sleeves. These sleeves I painted green and sewed real stitches into with thread. I then took cheese cloth and cut it into stripped and distressed these strips with brown paint. Next the strips were wrapped around my sleeves and sewn into place. 

For my hair I took part of the bottom of a pair of brown tights and stuffed them with cotton. I then made this into a donut shape and sewed the ends together. I made 4 of these and stacked them one on top of the other (sewing them in place) to create a tower. I sewed some wire on the bottom of this tower and some loops onto the bottom layer of it so that I would have something to pin my hair into. I took and small section of hair from the top of my head and pulled it through the hole in the center of the tower. I have very long hair and I could then pulled it over the top of the tower and pin in to my head at the base of the tower. The rest of my hair I pulled around the tower and tucked into the center of the top donut, pinning it in place.  I used the loops I sewed into the bottom donut to pin it to my head as well, giving it more support.

The only finishing touches were doing the makeup and spraying my hair red with the white streak.

I got really good reactions from people with this costume. I was very happy with how it turned out. I wanted to be the Bride of Frankenstein as she would look in Technicolor. I definitely scared a few kids at my office party! I hope you like it.