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Coolest Last-Minute (Milk Gallon Jug Head) Frankenstein Costume

I have two children a boy age three and a girl age six. Kayden, my daughter, is very opinionated about her costume choices and ideas. She has a very clear idea of what she wants to be and won’t settle for anything less. haha. My son on the other hand is three, he couldn’t care less, he wants candy and fun, that’s all. So my daughter decided on Frankie Stein of Monster High. That was easy, bought the wig, painted her up, pieced together an outfit that resembled Frankie’s. So I thought it might be fun to dress them alike while Kayden was Frankie Stein, maybe Caleb, my son, could be a little Frankenstein.

I have never been stopped more while trickier treating than when we dressed him as Frankenstein. People stopped and asked questions, exclaimed over how creative, other children cried out of jealousy, not kidding. Another Frankenstein walked by with no face paint just stitches painted on his face and the basic Frankenstein outfit and he wailed, “Mom! Look at that Frankenstein, that’s not fair!” While my husband and I smile to each other, nailed it. So this costume was made the night before. Here’s what we did.
1- You need empty milk carton, gallon. Washed out and dried. Cut it using the the shaped of Frankensteins head, bottom part of the container being the flat top of his head. Also, make sure you cut a space for the ears, see photos for a better understanding.

2-We then spray painted the “head” green after it was all cut and ready, let that dry, a few hours at least, then I hand painted on the black “hair” and some stitches on forehead. Let dry over night. I just used regular acrylic paint, costs like a dollar fifty.

3-Go to the store and buy regular old Halloween face paint, you’ll probably only need black, green and white.

4- Find some Frankenstein type of clothing, Jacket / blazer, dark dress pants and a dark shirt for underneath.

5- We were going to do this but didn’t only because our son kept taking them out, screw bolts into the temple area of Frankensteins “head”, I know traditionally they are in his neck, but hey, it’s an easy way to incorerate them in the costume.

6- Paint them up, get them dressed, put it all togther! You’re done!


cut out guidelines

Coolest Last-Minute (Milk Gallon Jug Head) Frankenstein Costume

Coolest Last-Minute (Milk Gallon Jug Head) Frankenstein Costume

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