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Coolest Homemade Frankenstein and Bride Couple Costume

My husband and I wanted to do something creative, yet classic, as we live in historic Salem, MA. These homemade Frankenstein & his bride costumes were a huge hit with everyone of all ages! We got stopped all throughout the night for photos.

For Frankenstein, I bought a black blazer from a local thrift store that was a size or two too small for my husband (so that the arms were short on him, since Frankenstein’s clothes didn’t fit his large frame), a plain navy blue t-shirt, and he wore black pants and black shoes that he already owned (he wore them hiked up a bit so that they were short). We bought black hair spray and the green and black makeup, along with the prosthetic bolts for his neck at a local Halloween costume shop. I printed some photos of Frankenstein from the internet, and a friend of ours used them to recreate his makeup and hairline (don’t forget to make a widow’s peak with the black spray!) Total cost was approximately $20-$25.

For Frankenstein’s bride, I bought a used wedding dress (yes, it’s real!) on eBay, some white shoes from Payless, and the wig and white makeup from a local costume store. Again, I printed a few pictures of Frankenstein’s bride from the internet and recreated her “look” with my makeup, using black eyeliner to draw the stitches and dark red lipstick for the lips. Total cost was approximately $35-$45.

Overall a very easy Do It Yourself costume that was a lot of fun…we can’t wait to wear them again in a few years!

Homemade Frankenstein and Bride Costume

Homemade Frankenstein and Bride Costume

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