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Coolest Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume

This Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume became the largest undertaking costume wise I’ve encountered, from my initial sketches to finished product it took 60+ hours. It’s also the thing I’m proudest of! I made everything, including the wig, the rest of the costume involves everything from working nuts and bolts (I was bolted into costume after a point!) to individually hand dyed and aged fabric.

There’s a lot of stuff from the past in this costume, such an old 1950’s medical corset as well as a lot of old springs and other metal bits (most likely from a tractor) plus some 1950’s electronics (note the vacuum tube I have on my heart plus the plug!). Let’s just say one good thunderstorm and I might be more ALLLIVVEEEEE than I bargained for!

There are actual bolts in my neck although they are a bit hard to see, the neck piece has real nuts and bolt detailing and the shoulder pieces sport a lot of test tubes and tubing that are full of actual liquid that I leak tested and everything held up. All of the “bandages” on the shoulders, neck and legs were tea stained muslin that I ripped and sewed and appropriately and the later further aged with fabric dyes.

The wrappings on my arms are a lot stronger and different texture, to be honest I think I picked it up at a store closing, I believe it could be used for upholstery but it looked very medical grade to me, I dyed and aged that as I did all the pieces. All the metal bits were later rusted and the “corrosion” you see around the base of the test tubes is hot glue that I layered on and dripped and then painted with a primer then iron paint and then aged with rusting agents.

I wore 8 inch platforms and on one leg I have another test tube full of my “life giving” liquid with tubing and wires and the other leg is this awesome colour changing tube that would pulse softly from red to green to purple to blue, I screwed some bolts and washers into it and topped it with a huge bolt and spring to make it look more like some piece together electronic part that was meant to keep me alive. That wig is an epic masterpiece of hours of teasing and hairspray and a hair dryer!

And of course sfx lenses to top it all off! I hope you enjoy looking at this Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume.

Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume

Homemade Bride of Frankenstein Costume

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