My fiance and I recently got engaged and wanted to do our first couples Halloween costume. Saving for a wedding has been our first priority so we wanted something that wouldn’t cost a fortune but still look great! I found a 1980’s wedding dress and a suit jack at a second hand store. I tore my dress to bits (literally… shredded every part of it) and my fiance only had to dig out his old football shoulder pads (we purchased an extra large suit jacket so the extra padding would fit. All we needed to add to our costumes was some makeup and hair color spray….and lots of extra hold hair spray for me (the bride)! Oh, and latex bolts for Frankenstein!

Our friends loved our costume and everyone knew exactly who were were (both while we were together and separate at the Halloween party). Not only was the costume a great success but it’s COLD where we live and the costumes ensured we had a comfortable time at our party (it was an indoor/outdoor kegger).