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Presenting Cool Homemade Ursula Costume Accompanied by Ariel

Hi all. This costume for Ursula was made a few years ago, thought you might like it anyway. I was so stoked when my bestie agreed to go as Ariel, She got her costume and Wig from Amazon and looked amazing on Halloween day.

Okay. Now it was time to get to work, wanted to go big or go home. We were flying so had to keep the size down, compared to how I really envisioned.

I started off ordering some fabric, but they messed up the order and sent me chair back strips. How that happened who knows? At least the color matched. Sooo I decided to use them and make a long tutu skirt with them tied to a belt… Hmmm not too bad.

Next was to make the arms of Ursula. I used satin fabric purple and black. I stuffed them with batting and tulle, added wire to bend them. I made loops out fabric at the ends to attach them to the belt. It was easy to get on and off, plus it folded up nicely for transport.

With a store bought corset and custom wig, the vision is just about there. Also found some seaweed looking leaves and turned them into a boa. I found a kids black trident at goodwill and painted it gold, added some shells and and a chair back ribbon to it. I made the shell necklace, put a light in it to glow as Ariel’s voice.

Those are women’s tights that are cut up on my arms. To finish off the look, put some LED lights in my hair and sewed some to the arms. With my limited skills in make up artistry Ursula was complete. We were off to a Halloween party, getting there was slow as people stopped us every few feet to take photos and selfies. We felt like celebrities (Heidi Klum watch out).

I had a fantastic time and everybody loved it. I hope you do too. Poor unfortunate souls… Haha haha haaaaaa !!!!!!!

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